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Forget the Selfies-"Your Photo Guide"  4 Hours

Schedule 24 hours in advance. Use Your Vehicle.

Cancel in 12 hours if changes.


5.5 Hour Photography and Island Adventure 

Your car, your group, your plans...enriched with a photographer. Half day to spend as you want, with a guide and all the photos to make it special, and memorable. Beach, towns, forests, parks, shopping, etc.

The Island is 55 miles long.  The "PREFERRED" meeting locations are the three ferries: Clinton (south), Coupeville (west), and Anacortes (north). The Anacortes  location can be in Anacortes or LaConner, depending on your direction. These locations provide an immediate and convenient way to start. However, you tell me where your group is, we'll design your day. 

I will have suggestions for your time and interests. Point out the shot, I will take it. More than once, we'll get the group in set up marvelous scenes, and memorable places. You'll have all the pics.

When we meet up, I will have:

My cameras (close and zoom lenses), Binoculars, Monocular, sunscreen, bug screen, jackets or weather gear, walking sticks (and Tylenol). 

If you want to have trail walk at one or more locations, I have the maps, State Park permits, etc.  
I pay my own expenses if at a restaurant or stop.

The trip needs 24 hours advance booking, and we will confer about your needs. I block the entire day so I need to have it cancelled 12 hours in advance if you can’t make it. There is a page about “Guest Criteria” which you should read, so that we are aligned in our understanding of a good tour together. 

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