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5.5 Hour Island Phototour Experience 

Better than advertised and hundreds of memories! That's the way to sum up our Whidbey Island photo tour experience. My husband and I wanted to have a unique weekend, with Whidbey Island just a ferry ride from Port Townsend.  We are very happy we found this and booked it (about 10 days in advance).

The arrangements with Bryan were easy and he had thoroughly planned. We decided on breakfast as our meal, and boy was that so fun.  I had spam (delicious) for the first time in...forever. My husband devoured the crab omelet. Straight from the ferry, this was a good start.

Our trip included several beaches, the forest for a walk, a tour through a charming historic waterfront, a marina, and drives where pastures, farms, coastal bluffs seamlessly and spectacularly blend together.  The route was spectacular, yet simple local small roads. The island is truly a magical drive, each turn or dip in the road unfolds with the day's journey. 

I took pictures of eagles!!! Bryan was patient and informative as we found spots. Deer, rabbits and lots of birds that time of year.  His photo gear embarrassed our cellphones...but we had no issues. The locations were secluded and peaceful.  Per his suggestion, we had a delightful snack and luncheon sitting on huge driftwood.  It is as much a sensory experience as it is a trip for photography. 

We have used guides in foreign travel, and some big cities, to maximize the time and get to the off-tourist locations. Bryan absolutely fulfilled our needs, designed our day. I have hundreds of photos, and he accepted any request, stop or turn, any goofy pose, or question.  You will like his easy style.

Next year we will do this again, taking in the south end of the island, so we are counting on his guidance. Love, love, loved the 5,5 hour photo tour.

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