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Guest Criteria

Prepare to slow down. The key word is CALM. To appreciate Whidbey Island, it should be an embedded feeling. The island day is driven by the dynamics of nature and weather, neither have a clock. Plants and animals are storybook by their natural appearance, so we go slow. Fog rolls at the speed of that location, we wait.  

Some of the best images you will take away will not be from the camera, they will be sensory. 

It’s only your and companions. You must get along and be of one purpose, to look up and out. Nature feeds your soul, the group should be emotionally aware. I love animals and kids, however lets discuss the limits that puts on the wildlife locations.

There won’t be radio, cellphone reception is sketchy in places, and it’s a reasonable sized four door sedan. Three moderately sized adults fit fine. We don’t arrive in a van, or a large SUV…you will see why.

Amongst all else, we are visitors and you will be kind to the Island and the Islanders.

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