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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your dog will love it on trails, there are many. There are on leash laws, and some off leash areas. My car gets cleaned. 

Q: Do you supply photography equipment?

A: No, I use two lens and two SLR cameras. Mostly likely I will show you how to use the SLR and zoom lens on a shot you want to get. You will use your camera, or your cellphone. A camera on the cellphone is actually very, very good. Please note....any and ALL photos that I take, or you ask me to take, are yours when done (could be hundreds).

Q: Can I do this on a day trip from Seattle?

A: Yes, absolutely. Check the travel times and the ferry schedules, done all the time.

Q: The 4 Hour Tour says "your vehicle", and you guide us. We don't have room for anyone in our car, but would like a "no Sellfies" day. 

A: I meet you in my car, we plot the trip (generally), and you follow me. It's easy as there are no other cars around. I also give you a Walkie-Talkie handset, so you can communicate with me on anything (there will not be cell reception).

Q: What if we have more than 3 people?

Answer 1: We can discuss this, however the "group" makes a sensory and quiet experience much harder. Adjustments could be made to the price, the meal, and vehicles used. If the tour has a chemotherapy patient, and those that care for him/her, please use the comment section on the Contact page to recommend options.

Answer 2; Consider the 4 Hour tour, the number of people doesn't matter. The island photography experience is rich, even if you follow me.

Q: Are you serious about "anytime 24 Hours"  for the scheduled start and stop? 

A: Yes, for the 5.5 Hour Island Photography and Experience, as often light will define the plans. It requires mutual planning and consideration. I'll get you to a sunrise location for sure, even if 430am, or a sunset at 830pm. I don't care about the time of day, but will have recommendations. 

Q: The 5.5 Hour Tour includes a meal for 3 people?

A: Yes. We will need food, and its fun. Depending on the planned route and time of day, we will stop at your leisure. I pay for the meal* and the tip (*except alcohol). I don't care if it is tablecloths or a dockside bench, its a meal meant to be remembered. 

Q: What if it rains? 

A: If you are from the PNW, you know to plan accordingly. The island's weather varies from east to west side, from forest to shoreline, it is part of the experience. If I feel we will be stuck in a downpour for hours, we'll communicate and cancel.  

Q: Are you able to take disabled individuals? 

A: Yes, to a degree. If the plans include my car and me as guide, the person needs to be able to get in and out of a sedan several times. If the 4 Hour Tour is booked, then your vehicle is used regardless, and I would be in constant contact. 

Q; Are animals allowed?

A: Yes, to a degree. It is a dog friendly island. Parks, cities, restaurants, and stores all allow dogs. However, we will be in nature several times, the animals and environment change with another animal there (birds flee for example). Deer will not get near, etc. I love dogs and know they can enrich your day, we can discuss this.  Your dog will love it on trails, there are many. There are on leash laws, and some off leash areas. My car gets cleaned.

Q: Can I book a Tour as a gift and a surprise? How far in advance?

A: Of course, this is unique and fun. In the comments section, describe the arrangement you want to put together. Assuming they meet the Guest Criteria, you can gift them. If you want me to "surprise" them, I'm sure that would be fun (no silly costumes). You can ask six months in 

Q: Am I vaccinated? What is my COVID requirements?

A: Yes, I am vaccinated. If you are NOT vaccinated, or are an anti-vaxer for some reason, do not book this trip.

Q: Why is the price the same $500 when it could be a single passenger or up to three?

A: It's a day's commitment by me, and pre-planning, that is the same, regardless of the # of people.  The experience is unique and takes effort to fulfill, up to 3 people is a maximum "quiet" group (plus me is four). 

Q; Is there a Cancellation Fee? What if our plans change?

A: If your plans change, I understand. If I'm notified in advance*, no issue. 

If you are a "no-show", that's a problem as I committed my day. 

Notification and/or cancellation is 24 hours* in advance for the 5.5 Hour Tour, and 12 hours* in advance for the 4 Hour Tour.

Q; Do you narrate the guided tours?

A: No. I provide comments along the way, but this is not scripted. Each trip is a different route, various historical or geological sites along the way. If I know about it, or have been told by an Islander about the history, I will pass that along. I learn something each week.

Q: Is alcohol allowed?

A: I am the Designated Driver, so "yes". In moderation, and to complement your experience. I follow all Washington State laws.

Q: Can we; stop to go shopping?

A: Of course. The time is yours to use. Flexibility is part of the plan(s), 

Q; Will we see whales?

A: Probably not. They migrate and are not easy to find. 

Q: Are taxes and tip included?

A; Yes. 

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