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55 phototour

55 Phototour

Why 55?…It is easy to remember as the approximate length of Whidbey Island (55 miles of fun). 

I also know that’s a speed we will never need, it’s going to be about 5.5 hours, and you’ll get at least 55 photos.

The island is different each day, and we have these things to admire, make your list of things to explore:

Huge driftwood beaches, coastal cliffs, sandy beaches, several lakes, huge snow-capped mountain peaks, vast flat farmlands, forests (everywhere), harbors, ferries, sailboats, crab fishermen, other islands in the pictures, coves, inlets, clouds, two lighthouses, small marinas, eagles in trees, deer calmly walking, an active aircraft carrier training runway, massive tidal swings, quaint towns, homes and villages, and flower lined roads.


That is unparalleled variety, guaranteed opportunity, and conditions unique to this Island. Most of the people visiting Whidbey Island need at least two days to see it (and they return often). 

I dedicate my attention to your 5.5 hours, maximize what you see and learn.  (Optional 4 hour tour.)

I share my photos on this site and donate any proceeds to American Cancer Society, I hope they make you happy. 

Thanks for your consideration of the booking.


What you should expect:

The 5 hours flew by, on an island where time seemingly slows down. Well worth price to arrange private guidance on our day on Whidbey Island. 55 photos in the first hour I think!

Marya D.-Seattle, WA

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