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These photos can calm you down. Try it. Three Minutes per pic.

Your brain sends signals to relax, and our eyes are the most active sensor. 

Mind Hack Photo #1

  • Take a breath, release it slowly as you focus your eyes on the Center (approximately).
  • Close your eyes with an inhale, recreating it as best you can. 
  • Open your eyes, and while slowly exhaling, focus on the upper right, corner.. 
  • Close your eyes, begin an inhale as you recreate that section and details. 
  • Open your eyes as you exhale and move to the next corner.

Inhale with eyes closed, as you recreate the details in your mind.. 

Exhale with eyes open, as you move to each corner,  focus intently, adding new details.


Then close your eyes, inhale, and place yourself in the scene, use your mind's gathered knowledge of those corners...are you able to think like it is 360 degrees? Not a flat image?

Mind Hack Photo #2

Focus only on the water...for at least 15 seconds. Try to penetrate that water with your eyes.

Then closing your eyes, plunge into that water, go very deep, and envision coming out (or up) on the other side of the trees.

Get that impression in your mind. 

Try for 8 secs or more, before you open your eyes, and read the sentence below: 

(that photo is upside down. The water is the sky.)

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